We care about your Skin.
We care about your Tan.
We care about YOU.

Indoor tanning allows you to maintain a healthy image without many of the discomforts of outdoor tanning.
We are pleased that you chose us to be your tanning destination.
Follow these helpful tips to ensure your tanning success.
Tip #1
Always use an indoor tanning lotion. This will increase your tanning results dramatically and care for your skin by helping it retain vital moisture lost in tanning. We provide a full line of products for your skin.
Tip #3
Take it slow. Tanning is not a race. Overexposure will hinder the results you want to see, so exercise moderation. Our tanning consultants are certified to administer session time suitable for your skin type, and will assist you in determining a competent exposure schedule.
Tip #2
Always wear FDA, Salon Approved protective eyewear. Merely closing your eyes or laying a towel on your face is not enough! Your eyelids cannot fully block UV light. Your eyes will be with you forever. Invest in some protective eyewear to take care of them.
Tip #4
There are many ways to help hold your tan longer between tanning sessions. The soaps used in your shower or bath and skin moisturizers play a major role in keeping your desired color between sessions. Our consultants will assist you in selecting a bleach free soap and moisturizers that will help you look and feel your best.
Now THAT'S taking it EASY.